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Your client or company has decided to force a long-term strategic plan: a far cry from the usual 3-5-year compilation of tactics. You sense that the current approach can’t simply be adjusted by adding a decade or two. Instead, a different discipline may be required.

But where can this be learned? No book or MBA class seems to cover this topic in-depth. And there are even some who say it cannot be done.

To delve deep into the discipline of developing an interwoven short/long-term strategic plan, take out a one-week trial of the paid version of the JumpLeap newsletter.

You will find a series of mini-books.

Each one defines a step in our EndPoint methodology perfected over two decades. By studying the most prominent 50 client cases, we have drawn unique insights that you won’t find elsewhere. Click here for immediate access.

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You are interested in applying some of the best practices in long-term strategic planning in your business. As you look around at the chaos each day brings, having a beacon way ahead of you could keep you on track to accomplish breakthrough results.

But where can you learn how to use the LeapOut process you may have heard about? The quick answer is the “Blueprint” originally developed for the Caribbean Strategy Conference 2022.

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Should You Schedule a Strategic Planning Retreat, or Delay It?

Strategic planning offsites (i.e. retreats) take a serious investment in time, cost and attention. You know they are important to your organization, but what about the timing? Now or later?

This complimentary checklist should help you decide.

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