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You find yourself in strategy retreats wanting more than the usual short-term plans.

Your mind is racing with ideas about ways things could be done differently. Bigger goals. Longer time-horizons. Greater aspirations.

But you aren’t sure whether these ideas are correct. So, you stay quiet at critical moments…and suddenly, the workshop is over.

However, you try not to feel guilty. What could you have done differently to transform the meeting so that it included a long-term perspective? Maybe even some Innovations. Breakthroughs. Inspirations. Big Hairy Audacious Goals. Unprecedented disruptions to your industry.

But where do you start? Welcome to Endpoint Strategic Planning- a different category of thinking that defines conventional wisdom.

A Quick Story

Alberto was fuming, but only inside. A consummate board member, he couldn’t share all the turmoil he felt in this, his first planning meeting for the upcoming strategic planning retreat. He was limited. As the new kid on the block, he was given the chore to represent the board in this routine, annual corporate activity.

But it was clear to him that his new colleagues were simply going through the motions. The end-product, an updated strategic plan, would endorse the path the company had taken for three decades…an amazing unbroken run of success.

Now, he realized, they had been lucky. No real competition had ever shown up. That is, until six months ago when a South Korean company (TTwida) popped up out of nowhere. Boasting new technology, they were scaring the CEO and his board, but few others seemed to care. The planning team certainly didn’t.

He struggled to get some words together that wouldn’t alarm or distress the team.

“But if we only plan for the next three to five years, how will we ever incorporate the latest technologies - like the ones TTwida is using?”

“It’s not our job to plan for the future. Just put together the strategic plan” the team leader explained.

His pained expression and reddened face must have registered. Now, all eyes were on him. An awkward silence hung in the air as he searched his mind for the right words. He had experienced great retreats and ineffective ones. But he had never been asked to explain the difference.

What could he say?

What is Endpoint Strategic Planning?

Alberto isn’t alone. And if you’re a bit like him, you may also struggle to enlist others in the kind of planning which changes everything. But where can it be found?

Enter Endpoint Strategic Planning. It derives its names from a belief that the quality of a strategic plan has everything to do with the choice of the final destination. Teams who use it vary the timeframe they plan for, and the final outcome they are trying to achieve. They aren’t afraid of 30-year strategic plans. Why not?

In Endpoint, both short and long-term strategic plans are combined to produce an inspiring vision but grounded in reality.

The JumpLeap family of newsletters, columns and mini-books are devoted help you implement Endpoint Strategic Planning, reaping all the rewards from this approach.

Each month you can find content which adds another detail you can consider in your quest to provide leadership in this area. We especially focus on the kind of resistance that Alberto experienced, and how to deal with it. You’ll be armed with thoughts of your own, using your words, refined by our research and experience.

Don’t leave without plugging into a provocative but practical source of ideas.

What Your Monthly Subscription Includes

  • Monthly mini-books of 2,000-5,000 words in length. These are in-depth guides that will really make you think about the underlying intent of long-term strategic planning and the ways to make it practical.

  • Prior articles published for the past decade, published in the Caribbean’s premier English newspaper - The Jamaica Gleaner.

  • Video content from the 2022 Strategy Conference hosted by JumpLeap folks.

  • A periodic Short Insights post each month filled with breaking ideas and links to conversations related to strategic planning from around the Internet.

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Francis Wade

Founder of Framework Consulting, and alumnus of Cornell University and AT&T Bell Labs. Together with my partners I have facilitated strategic planning retreats for two decades, sharing insights gained in a regional newspaper for 10 years.