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It's not that easy my friend. The discussion and procedure laid down by you is impecable. But from my perspective, the main problem is the commitment of the governments of the countries around the world, and among them, those with the major responsibilities, which, in my opinion, are those with the higher degree of economic development. Without that commitment, there is not much we can do to implement and reach the SDG, not by 2030, not by any year.



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Agreed. The interesting thing is that I don't see strategic planners commenting on this state of affairs.

More than ever before, we need to make our voices heard because the issues which will cause the SDGs to fail are known to us, but not folks from other disciplines.

As I mentioned in the article, I hope we don't draw the wrong lessons from this failure in 2031, or when we plan "XDG 2050" - the successor to the current effort.

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